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Our mission is to develop world-class leaders in every sector.  Whether you are an individual or an organization, we will help maximize your personal and professional development.  Our innovative S.T.E.E.R. process will help you achieve organizational clarity and create to processes

that build your leadership pipeline.  Our executive coaching and consulting services will help empower leaders at every level of your organization. 

Dennis Steeger
Founder and CEO

"Leadership is influence and trust is its currency"


Dennis Steeger is a gifted leader with over 30 years of experience in training and developing leaders.  Dennis brings an emphasis on helping businesses, non-profits and individuals achieve organizational clarity that produce results driven activities that matter.  


Dennis led one of the largest student organizations in North Dallas helping hundreds of adults and students clarify their vision and pursue a clear path to their future.   





Leadership Development

Every company deserves great leadership.  Forward-thinking leaders are all asking the same question: "Where will find our future leaders?" You can take control of the uncertainty of identifying new leaders by developing a leadership pipeline.  

Investing in your team's leadership development is the most effective way to achieve maximum results while creating a great succession plan and promoting strong career paths for motivated individuals. 




Executive Coaching

Coaching can be a transformative process for executives looking to make their leadership skills more effective. For "C Level" executives desiring to grow in their personal and professional skill, coaching has proven to be an invaluble part of the growth process.  


We know that personal growth is what makes professional growth sustainable.  As a John Maxwell Certified Coach you can be confident that you have access to the best personal growth and leadership development training and resources available.  


Any organization can get stuck.  The Steeger Consultancy offers a variety of consulting and leadership training services that can help your team break through these sticking points. 


Human capital is the real difference maker in business.  Creating the best culture and developing people are crucial to maintaining sustainability for today's business leaders.

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